Hisui Chiba, a Gnoll

Hisui Chiba, a Gnoll
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in Book 3 - The Human Bestiary

17th Nov 2022, 8:28 PM

Author's Note:

"Being born in Old Kadath shortly after its fall, Hisui Chiba (pictured right) was of the first magically disabled generation on Earth. Over the course of his life, he slowly became impassioned with the sentiment that many had at the time; The land they called Kadath ought to stay magicless and be governed by those who lacked magic. He worked for many years until he staged the largest mass poisoning known to humanity by that point. Not only did many important figures within Old Kadath's aristocracy perish, but many of these people were gnolls, a human species previously thought to be immune to poisoning attempts due to their keen sense of smell."

Hisui's a gnoll which is yet another human species that can be read about here. Now I'm officially past the halfway mark when it comes to the species. I fear that my progress will slow down again once the holidays are in full force, but I guess it isn't the biggest thing to worry about. I've already taken several months to get this much out and the comics I was making before this still took quite a while on their own. To anyone who reads this and looks at these posts; many, many thanks for the patience, my appreciation is immense.

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Guest says:
The contrast of some of these characters in nice looking portraits who would later commit horrible atrocities... I honestly REALLY like it.
It's like in real life when you look at old, seemingly-normal photos of people who would later be revealed to be serial killers. It gives off an uncanny but almost... real.. vibe. Very well done! Looking forward to more lore pieces and comic pages, but please take your time! We can wait.

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Guest says:
I also just realized that this is the same mass poisoning referenced on the Satyr page. Interesting! I'm also intrigued by how people like Iksula and Simran Mishra were able to produce such massive casualtie counts seemingly by themselves.

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AthensTG says:
Thank you for the comment! It’s really hard to resist the urge to spill my spaghetti here, so I’ll just say that basically everything you’ve pointed out does get addressed later on and it’s really exciting to know that someone (who isn’t me lol) is “on the lookout” for lack of a better term.

edit: and double thanks for commenting at all. Seeing these gave me the kick in the butt I needed to go ahead and make the comment section's html look a little nicer XP

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Guest says:
Aww, happy to comment! I know how good it feels when someone else admires your own work, so I always try to return the kindness to other works that I read. As for the urge to spill the spaghetti, I understand completely. The pain of seeing a bunch of fan theories and predictions while not being able to talk about them eats at you.

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Skyangel says:
What beautiful art! This is one of those comics that I've seen around so often and never had time to read through and it's not something one can skip through quickly by the look of this page! I've read the guest comment above and this sounds like a very promising read ( horrible atrocities has got my curiousity! lol) I know what you mean about 'spilling your spaghetti' though. When putting a reader right or just wanting to confirm their hopes will be justified etc. it can be really hard not to give away too much even though the urge is strong!

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AthensTG says:
I was gonna say that you don't really have to read anything that's in the bestiary section. To be honest, I'm mostly making this section just so I can (later on) link to bits of info I don't think I could easily weave into the story itself, so a lot of this stuff isn't really "required reading" imho. However, telling you to ignore this section implies you should read the earlier stuff and I recently reread it all and I kind of hate it lol. I'm really hoping that when I continue the story proper again (hopefully sometime 2023) that it'll actually be good enough to not embarrass me like this XP

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simplygastly says:
The worldbuilding for this comic is so tantalizing, it makes me want to work on my own stuff. You have a real gift within these Bestiary pages to give the reader something interesting they'd want to learn more about with the same diction of a proper encyclopedia. It's so wonderful and I've really enjoyed both your comic, for the mysteries it presents, and these pages for the information it gives in a very succinct, clever way.

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