Mad King Rastislav, a Deermuff

Mad King Rastislav, a Deermuff
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in Book 3 - The Human Bestiary

16th May 2022, 8:47 AM

Author's Note:

"King Rastislav was the 53rd monarch of Malorence. Sentiments against the Crown had long been stewing by the time of his coronation and things had not improved despite many attempts at reform. At the age of 35, he ventured into Heaven's Keys like his foremothers in the hopes that his bloodline would be imparted with more knowledge than it was originally. Amazingly (or as expected, depending on who you ask), he returned from his trip alive and lucid, making himself the third person ever to do so. However, the trip also left him somewhat unhinged and unpredictable. His greatest achievement, the reform of the banks following the Darkest Month was implemented with such delicacy, saliency, and precision that many found it hard to believe that this same man cruelly called for the heads of many so haphazardly that he earned infamous title long before he was assassinated and succeeded by his own niece, Alina of Treefall."

Mad King Rastislav was a deermuff, which you can read about in The Human Bestiary.

I got majorly distracted and also had some more life stuff occur, so getting the drawings for this entry done took much too long despite this entry having fewer illustrations than the chimeracorn one. I would've rather written this description when I wasn't so tired or in a down mood, but I think I'll waste even more time waiting for that to change. Might as well just get this uploaded and start work on the next entry. Wishing anyone who reads this better luck than I've recently had, ha.

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